How to watch The Great British Bake Off 2023 in the US on Channel 4 for free

How to watch The Great British Bake Off 2023 in the US on Channel 4 for free: Get ready for a delicious journey into the world of baking as The Great British Bake Off returns in 2023 with its 14th season.

How to watch The Great British Bake Off 2023 in the US on Channel 4 for free

Once again, amateur bakers from diverse backgrounds will come together to whisk, knead, and create culinary delights under the watchful eyes of judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith. Here’s what we do know about how to watch The Great British Bake Off 2023 in the US on Channel 4 for free.

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Quick steps: How to watch The Great British Bake Off 2023 in the US on Channel 4 for free using a VPN

  1. Select a VPN service that is optimized for streaming. We recommend ExpressVPN
  2. Download the VPN and connect to the UK server.
  3. Log in to Channel 4.
  4. Find The Great British Bake Off 2023 and stream it no matter where you are!

Why is Channel 4 not available in the US?

Channel 4 is not available in the US because it’s a geo-restricted service limited to the UK. To access Channel 4 or other geo-restricted content from the US, consider using a VPN. It allows you to change your IP address by connecting to a UK Server, bypassing these restrictions, and enjoying content from different regions.

When does The Great British Bake Off 2023 premiere?

The Great British Bake Off 2023 is set to make its comeback on Channel 4 on Tuesday, September 26th, at 8 pm. Typically, fresh episodes are broadcast every Tuesday at 8 p.m., and it’s expected that this season will consist of 10 episodes in total.

Where to watch The Great British Bake Off 2023 in the US for free?

You can watch The Great British Bake Off 2023 in the US for free by using a VPN to access Channel 4’s platform. Simply connect to a UK server with your VPN, and you can savor all the baking delights from the US without any geo-restrictions.

How many episodes does The Great British Bake Off Season 14 have?

The Great British Bake Off Season 14 consists of 10 episodes, with new episodes being released weekly on Tuesdays.

Episode 1: Cake Week (September 26, 2023)

The return of Bake Off welcomes new presenter Alison Hammond to the team. This week’s theme is all about cakes, where the fresh batch of bakers takes on the challenge of crafting vertical layers, choccy cake, and a spectacular sponge animal menagerie.

Episode 2: Biscuit Week (October 3, 2023)

Contestants dive into a nostalgic journey, crafting marshmallow-based childhood favorites in the Signature challenge and mastering a custard classic in the Technical. For the Showstopper, embraces an illusion theme, using biscuits to create their cherished meals.

  • Episode 3 – October 10, 2023
  • Episode 4 – October 17, 2023
  • Episode 5 – October 24, 2023
  • Episode 6 – October 31, 2023
  • Episode 7 – November 7, 2023
  • Episode 8 – November 14, 2023
  • Episode 9 – November 21, 2023
  • Episode 10 – November 28, 2023

Is this The Great British Bake Off 2023’s final season?

As of now, there is no information available regarding the renewal status of The Great British Bake Off for subsequent seasons.

The Great British Bake Off 2023 synopsis

In The Great British Bake Off 2023, the UK’s top amateur bakers gather in the iconic white tent to showcase their baking skills and compete for the coveted title of Star Baker. Led by judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith, contestants face a series of challenges that test their baking abilities, resilience, and creativity.

Throughout the season, bakers tackle a diverse range of baking tasks, each week presenting a different skill set and increasingly difficult trials. The competition promises intense moments of culinary excellence and the creation of delicious masterpieces.

The Great British Bake Off 2023 Hosts

The Great British Bake Off 2023 will see the return of Noel Fielding as one of the hosts. However, this season brings a significant change, with the addition of new presenter Alison Hammond. This change comes as former host Matt Lucas decided to step down from the role to focus on other television endeavors.

Alison Hammond shared the exciting news of her joining the show on her official Instagram page back in March, creating anticipation for her debut as a Bake Off presenter alongside Noel Fielding.

The Great British Bake Off 2023 Judges

The Great British Bake Off 2023 continues the tradition with its original judge, Paul Hollywood, renowned for his iconic handshake, returning for the fourteenth season of the show. Joining him once again is the beloved Prue Leith, who has become an integral part of the series since its debut on Channel 4. In their roles as judges, Hollywood and Leith will assess the bakers’ creations in the latest installment of the Great British Bake Off.

Paul Hollywood, aged 57, has been a fixture on Bake Off since 2010. Born into a family of bakers, he initially trained as a sculptor before his father convinced him to pursue a baking career. Hollywood’s baking journey led him to become a head baker at prestigious establishments such as the Dorchester in London. He authored best-selling books like 100 Great Breads and presented solo series like Bread and Paul Hollywood’s Pies and Puds for BBC One. His contributions to the baking world include Hollywood’s British Baking and Weekend Baker, with his new C4 series, A Baker’s Life, currently in production.

Prue Leith, aged 83, is another cherished figure on The Great British Bake Off. Prior to her role on the show, she served as a judge on BBC Two’s Great British Menu for 11 years before joining Bake Off in March 2017, succeeding Mary Berry. Leith is recognized as one of the country’s leading culinary experts. With a versatile career encompassing roles as a restaurateur, caterer, food teacher, food writer, novelist, television cook, and radio cook on the Today program. She established her own cookery school, with notable students. Additionally, Leith has authored 12 cookery books, seven novels, and a biography titled Relish: My Life on a Plate.

The Great British Bake Off 2023 Contestants

Meet the talented bakers of Series 14 as they return to the iconic tent at Welford Park.


Abbi, born in Yorkshire, developed her baking skills alongside her mother. Her inspiration now comes from the English countryside, where she forages for seasonal ingredients to create enchanting and nature-inspired bakes with a fairytale touch.


Amos, a film and theatre enthusiast, resides in North London. His baking style is a labor of love, characterized by vibrant colors, chic designs, and meticulous attention to detail. He brings a modern twist to traditional baking.


Life with four children means that, for Cristy, there always seems to be a birthday to bake for and an exciting party to plan. She describes her baking style as enchanted and pretty – bakes that conjure up a sense of childhood.


Dan’s interest in cooking began when he went traveling in South America in 2007. His particular loves are pies and puddings: before he and his wife bought their first home, they lived with his in-laws, during which time his mother-in-law taught him how to make perfect shortcrust pastry.


Dana’s passion for baking started at the age of 16 when she identified a gap in her family’s traditional Indian culinary repertoire. As a self-professed untidy baker, Dana would avoid stepping on her mum’s toes in the kitchen by catching the bus to her dad’s house to indulge her need to experiment with her bakes.


Josh is a chemist by trade and brings his scientist’s precision and keenness to experiment into the kitchen, taking careful notes on each part of the baking process and perfecting all his techniques for gorgeous results.


Apple pies and fairy cakes – which he learned to bake with his mum – form the baking backdrop to Keith’s childhood, along with his mum’s love for traditional dishes from her home in Malta.


Matty is the type of baker who swats up on online patisserie videos before bed. No matter how good he gets, though, he strives to equal the impressiveness of the bake that first caught his imagination: a teddy bear cake that his late nan made him for his fourth birthday.


Nicky describes her baking as like a pair of comfy old slippers; little traditional bakes that evoke fond memories. For Nicky herself, those memories are of her grandma’s kitchen table where, as a little girl, she would roll out pastries and decorate cakes.


Go big, or go home is Rowan’s motto, and one that he has always applied to his bakes. His earliest baking memories are of scones, pork pies, shortbread, and traditional jam tarts (which he claims as a Northern delicacy).


Sri Lankan-born Saku places the traditional flavors of her heritage at the heart of her baking – particularly the curry spices, which she claims make for the best pie fillings, while liberal sprinklings of cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg find their way into her sweeter bakes.


The best thing Tasha remembers about baking as a child was licking the sugar icing from the tops of the fairy cakes she, her mum, and her grandma used to make. At secondary school, she made cakes for her friends and was soon encouraged by her Food Technology teacher to develop her skills as a hobby.

The Great British Bake Off 2023 trailer

Take a look at the delectable journey in the tent. Watch The Great British Bake Off 2023 trailer for a taste of the sweet and savory challenges that await. It’s a delightful sneak peek into the world of baking brilliance.

What are the themes for The Great British Bake Off 2023?

The Great British Bake Off 2023 is moving away from national-themed weeks due to previous concerns about potentially offending individuals. Instead, the show is embracing a more traditional format with weekly themes that include classics like bread, cake, and biscuits, as well as new additions like chocolate, botanicals, and party cakes. The show’s executive producer, Kieran Smith, acknowledged the need for this change and emphasized that they aim to provide challenges that viewers will enjoy.

Judge Prue Leith also shared insights about this year’s diverse group of contestants, ranging from delivery drivers to a science teacher and a doctoral research associate, representing a wide range of ages and backgrounds. This promises an exciting and varied season of baking challenges on The Great British Bake Off.

Where is The Great British Bake Off 2023 filmed? 

The Great British Bake Off 2023 is filmed in the picturesque Berkshire countryside at Welford Park. The iconic white marquee is set amidst lush trees, a well-maintained lawn, and the natural beauty of the area, creating a charming and serene backdrop for the competition.

Who won The Great British Bake Off 2022?

image 198

Syabira emerged as the winner of The Great British Bake Off 2022 after a thrilling final. The finalists were tasked with assembling the perfect picnic for the signature challenge. And creating a Summer Pudding Bombe for the technical challenge. For the final challenge, they had to craft a sculpture in line with the theme of Our Beautiful Planet. Syabira’s impressive orangutan sculpture, which she named This Is My Home, secured her victory. Judge Prue Leith praised Syabira for her creativity, precision, practice, and imagination, declaring her a highly skilled baker.

What is The Great British Bake Off 2023 IMDb rating?

The Great British Bake Off 2023 has an IMDb rating of 8.6 based on 12,000 votes.

How are the fans reacting to The Great British Bake Off 2023 on social media?

How are the critics reviewing The Great British Bake Off 2023?

According to The Guardian, The Great British Bake Off 2023 is a delightful return to the heart of baking excellence. In its fourteenth season, the show continues to captivate audiences with its blend of culinary creativity and endearing contestants. This year’s bakers bring a diverse range of skills and backgrounds to the tent, making for a truly engaging competition. The decision to scrap national-themed weeks is a welcome change. Each episode offers a delightful journey into the world of cakes, biscuits, bread, patisserie, and more. This season promises to be a treat for fans of the show’s timeless appeal and mouthwatering creations.

Where else can I watch this show online?

The Great British Bake Off 2023 is available to watch on Channel 4 exclusively.

What else can I watch on Channel 4?

  • Taskmaster UK Season 16
  • Adam Hills: Grow Another Foot
  • Married At First Sight UK 2023


What time will The Great British Bake Off 2023 be on Channel 4?

The Great British Bake Off 2023 typically airs on Channel 4 on Tuesday evenings at 8 pm.

Is The Great British Bake Off 2023 available on Netflix?

No, The Great British Bake Off 2023 is not available on Netflix.


As The Great British Bake Off 2023 season unfolds with delightful bakes and heartwarming moments, it’s a must-watch for baking enthusiasts. While it airs on Channel 4 in the UK, viewers in the US can enjoy it with a VPN. This show’s universal appeal reminds us that the love of baking knows no bounds, making it a beloved global sensation. So, get ready for a sweet journey and join in the baking excitement!

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