Interesting Facts About Michael De Santa From Grand Theft Auto V

Interesting Facts About Michael De Santa From Grand Theft Auto V: We will discuss some interesting facts about Michael De Santa from GTA V in detail. Michael De Santa is a character and one of the main protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V, others being Franklin Clinton and Trevor Philips. He was born in Midwest somewhere between the years 1965 and 1968. Ned Luke voiced and motion-captured for the character, Michael De Santa, in GTA V.

Interesting Facts About Michael De Santa From Grand Theft Auto V

Michael De Santa’s character is very weird, egoistic, narcissistic, hypocritical, and muddy. He likes to keep his appearance as good as possible. In GTA V, he wants to retire from his criminal life, but the sudden appearance of his old and thought-dead buddy, Trevor, pulls him back to his criminal life. He has a very shaky relationship with his family, almost every one of them. Despite this, he always places the safety of his family above everything else. His actions almost always have negative repercussions.

Interesting Facts About Michael De Santa From Grand Theft Auto V

Here are some interesting facts about Michael De Santa from GTA V. Before proceeding know that some facts contain spoilers either major or minor, so you have been warned.

1. Michael’s First Heist

We all know that Michael is one of the best heister in the Grand Theft Auto V. But, everyone has some starting place, and in this case, Michael’s first heist. Michael shared the detail of his first heist before the Jewelry Heist mission.

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The place where Michael did his first Heist gig was in Carcer City. Yes, that Carcer City from the Rockstar games’ other franchise called Manhunt. Now those who have played Manhunt know what kind of bizarre, dangerous, and hell of a city is Carcer City. It was not as big as his other high-profile gigs, but Michael got $10,000. This thing clicked with Michael so much so that he started his criminal life.

2. Michael Is The Best Shooter Of The Three Protagonists

Every protagonist in GTA V is something they are good at. And Michael is the best shooter of the trio, and the game does not prevent this thing from showing. He has a fine and great knowledge of firearms. Michael holds a handgun with both his hands while the other two, Trevor and Franklin, holds a handgun in just one of the hands. Michael’s way of handling a handgun is the correct procedure to hold and fire a gun.

Another thing to notice is that Michael’s special ability also aids him in shooting with better precision. His special ability is a reference to Rockstar Game’s another franchise called Max Payne, where the protagonist has the ability to slow down and kill with more accuracy called Bullet Time. If Darts is played against Michael, it is difficult to defeat him just because of his shooting accuracy. 

3. Michael Had Other Dreams Before His Criminal Life

Michael is the most veteran criminal and an underground world out of the three protagonists. But Michael also had dreams other than these criminal works. It is not confirmed, but Michael wanted to be a cop. In one mission where he has to dress like a cop, Trevor comments about Michael’s fulfillment of his childhood dream to become a cop.  

Michael also was a famous football star during his high school days. He wanted to be a football player, but that dream also did not come to fruition because of an injury. He often references his days as football players, and now how all he does is handle a gun and has a bounty on his head.

3. Developers Came Up With Michael First Out Of Three Protagonists.

During the development of the fifth installment, Michael was the first character they came up with. One of the writers of GTA V, Dan Houser, came up with the idea of Michael’s life. He came up with the idea of a character who wants to retire from his criminal life and wants to live a normal family life. 

The thing which made Michael a very fresh and unique character in the franchise was his family, who is just not his siblings and other deceased family members.

4. Michael Has a lot of Similarities with Tony Soprano

Michael has many similarities to the characters from TV series and crime movies. But the one with whom he has the best similarity is Tony Soprano from the TV series The Sopranos. Tony and Michael both wanted to be football players during their high school days. Both of them, Michael and Tony, have a family with two kids, a son, and a daughter. Both the fathers have arguments with both kids. 

Tony and Michael are considered a hypocrite. They both like movies, mostly classic over modern movies. Michael and Tony’s relationship with their wife is not so good and is very shaky. They both have some appointments with therapies but do not believe that it works for them.

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