Gangs Of London Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plotline & More

Gangs Of London Season 2 Update: If you are interested in watching criminal dramas with a bit of suspense and thriller, then you should check out Gangs of London. Despite only having one season, the show has developed a sizable fan base.

Gangs Of London Season 2 Update

However, it has been more than a year since the first season of Gangs of London was made available to the public, and fans have been wondering when the second season of the show will be released.

Thus, the release date, as well as other details about season 2 and the show in general, are all provided in this post. Also, the tremendous ratings and viewership a show received in such a short amount of time were pretty astounding.

Another reason you should watch the show is that it is based on a video game of the same name. Fans of the video game Gangs of London were over the moon to learn that it would eventually be turned into a series.

Recently, this seems to have been occurring rather frequently. Well, creating television shows or films based on video games has long been a common trend. Despite this, it didn’t become quite as large until Riot decided to move forward with Arcane. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about Gangs of London Season 2.

Gangs Of London Season 2 Official Release Date

Unfortunately, we have some awful news for the fans to share. The show’s release date has not yet been disclosed. This may come across as somewhat disappointing, given that the first season premiered in April 2020, and it is already 2022, and the show has not said anything about returning. There were rumors that the show would be canceled and not return for a second season a few months prior.

However, there is some good news for fans. Sky Atlantic recently announced that the show would return in 2022 and has not been canceled. Even though there was a significant time gap between the two seasons, it will be intriguing to watch our favorite show return.

Given that Gangs of London had many favorable reviews from reviewers and was regarded by many as one of the top 10 television programs to be released in 2020, there was very little chance that the show would be abruptly canceled. Thus, Gangs of London Season 2 is anticipated to release in the summer of 2023 or a little later.

Ganga Of London Season 2 Major Casts

If we discuss the second season of Gangs of London’s cast. The majority of the original cast members are definitely coming back for this new and third season. So, we can anticipate seeing some of our favorites, including:

  1. Lucian Msamati will be in the role of Ed Dumani
  2. Joe Cole in the role of Sean Wallace
  3. Colm Meaney in the role of Finn Wallace
  4. Sope Dirsu in the role of Elliot Finch
  5. Michelle Fairley in the role of Marian Wallace
  6. Brian Vernel in the role of Bill Wallace
  7. Paapa Essiedu in the role of Alexander Dumani

It will undoubtedly appear on the cast list for the show! There is a chance that this show will also feature some NEW FACES.

Expected Plotline

Season 2 of Gangs of London could focus on Wallace’s family secrets and Elliot’s attempts to conceal sensitive information from his new bosses. The first season of the television show closes with Sean being murdered by Elliot after he suggested a business relationship.

Elliot then flees from a team of interrogators after admitting he has diplomatic immunity thanks to a business arrangement with an unidentified woman known only as Ms. Kane.

Mariana opens her eyes after being contacted by her late husband’s lover, Floriana, in the final minutes, proving that she wasn’t actually killed by Ed on a park bench (Arta Dobroshi). Floriana might be able to finance the Wallace family’s future expenses since she may have access to a fortune that Finn stole from investors.

Additionally, Finn’s SIM card, which holds data on other dishonest investors, is available to Elliot. Elliot will probably continue to play both sides in Gangs of London season 2, but this time the stakes will be much higher.

Where Can You Watch Season 2 of Gangs of London?

The series Gangs of London is produced by Sky Atlantic, while Pulse Films is in charge of its distribution. So, it’s possible that you’ll be able to watch the series on the Pulse Films website. Furthermore, though limited for some nations, it is also accessible on Amazon Prime Video.

It would be really challenging for you to learn about the series and stream if you are from India. This was one of the factors contributing to the fans’ overall dissatisfaction with the show. A series with such a great rating and numerous honors needs to be available in every nation, if not everywhere.

We hope Sky Atlantic would consider selling the series to other streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, etc., in light of all these complaints. Additionally, there’s a chance that Amazon will release the program in countries where it isn’t now available.

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